The growing popularity of world-class consumer goods for modern Indonesian consumers, comfort and convenience in an original lifestyle,entertainment for tomorrow's tastes, all these phenomenon represent a remarkable development in these prosperous 2000s. PT. Mugi Rekso Abadi (MRA) a Group of companies presenting many alternatives for smart and fashionable lifestyles.

The contemporary consumer is smart and demanding: sharp looks, tasty flavors, ultra fashion is what he or she wants and will pay for. Major global brands look to emerging markets for growth and profit and MRA links up with the world-class players for a market with gigantic potential : Indonesia.

There is Indonesia today rapidly emerging new middle class of some twenty million citizens, of whom over fifty percent are under thirty years of age.

These people are prosperous and ambitious, and are eager to sample the best world has to offer.

MRA is well-positioned to capture the business of this class consumers, meeting the challenge of changing tastes and up market movement. With a core business array based on five stable legs (Media / Retail, Lifestyle & Entertainment / Food & Beverages / Automotives / Hotel & Properties) the future looks bright and returns look solid for MRA. For Indonesians who work hard and play hard, they demand the latest in entertainment and lifestyle.

When these people relax, they want first-class accommodations, when they eat out, they expect fine food and entertainment; when they travel they want to stay in classy, yet affordable, surroundings. MRA dedicates its energies to bringing the best to them. MRA Group of Indonesia strives to become better- known at home and overseas and toward this end a orporate logo has been crafted. This symbol reflects the aspirations, image and strategies of a forward-looking, energetic organization.