About MRA Group

Philosophy of Management

Those who appreciate excellence in management will recognize unique strengths and creative synergy. A string of concepts and directions stretches toward the future, taking the form of an integrated cluster of product ranges, selected and projected with accurate timing, market study and style.

Leading the drive at MRA are energetic, dedicated executives, exemplified by Adiguna Sutowo & Soetikno Soedarjo.
They embody the character of an excellent young management team: a sense of intelligent restlessness, they are on the move and look forward to new products, new concepts and fresh horizons.
The focus always remains on the core array of businesses, to build even further the synergistic energies among the array.

Management Focus on Product

Consider the breathtaking view of world-class names that greets you:
But how to package and present these names and products in a manner specific to Indonesian consumers?
At what target group should each brand be aimed?
Above all there is obviously the striving to make an honest profit. This, however, goes and hand in hand with sense of mission, and social responsibility, consisting of the faith that the product choices and employment we offer, the commercial skill and technologies we transfer, all go to build a more fulfilled and competitive Indonesia, in pursuit of excellence.
Such a plan is frankly a vital factor for our long-term vision; we expect to be in business here, with healthy and growing companies, far into the future.

Management Character

Being young, dynamic, trained professionals, we can identify accurately with our target customers, with whom we share many values. It revolves around the creation and nurturing of a customized lifestyle, in the context of a changing Indonesia. Lifestyle choices are the focus of our strategy, and the need to be sensitive to shifts in taste and lifestyle. What is hot or charming today will not necessarily sell in future markets.

Human Resources & Development

Beginning with a committed rationale of continuous training for personal development, MRA devotes planning, counselling and money to upgrading its valued staff members, on all levels from shop personnel to senior management. Indonesia is a big country, in state of rapid change: the flood of technology, new products and contemporary business practices must be absorbed with utmost urgency, to become and stay competitive.

Self-confidence, morale, attitude, and loyalty among the staff are also strengthened through courses, seminars and professional work counselling. Language training, customer service, new product awareness and management are among the principal topics of this regular upgrading curriculum.

The benefit of experience is gained from lateral movement of staff among Group companies; new management styles and operational techniques may also be shared between businesses in this fashion.
Career advancement of deserving staff members is marked by a serial completion of successive terms across the broad range of MRA business. The Group benefits and its employees: a win-win situation.

Dealing Only With Winners

MRA goes after the major players in every field ... the ones with a spectacular track record ... and offers them access to a terrific market: the Republic of Indonesia, with its 250 plus million population and dynamically growing economy.
Those brands which have proved themselves in world markets, and which fit a new Indonesian lifestyle, are licensed, showcased and presented to consumers, in attractive and exciting manner.

Entertainment of a world-class standard is aimed at a sophisticated and prosperous young target market. Leisure with taste and style, for the upwardly-mobile, in resort living. Wearable, which are seen in the cafes and salons of Asians, European and American cities – fashion conscious brands for the 2000s.

Adventures In Marketing

Companies come and go. Some products prove to be a hit and others fade away. At MRA we look hard at new trends and products, and invest time, money and energy if they seem market gamble.
Within eight months to a year after product launch, it is pretty clear whether the Indonesian consumer will take to it. Fashion changes and new names emerge. Old ones lose luster. To stay pragmatic and hard-headed, while encouraging creativity among the marketing and promotion arms.

The Devil In The Details

Retail business calls for a microscopic attention to details, as well as the personal touch. MRA believes that without a personal experience there can be no true appraisal of the success of an enterprise. Our staff frequently visits sales outlets, paying close attention to staff performance, customer preference, and the general mood of the place.

A shopping environment should be inviting, comfortable and yet magic enough to urge the consumer to buy the products displayed. Close attention should be paid to accurate, personalized service, a clean and bright environment, proper air conditioning and standards of hygiene. Sales staff should receive sufficient training in professional techniques and customers service skills.

Some of the businesses will naturally be more profitable than others. This does not mean that the weak ones should be ignored, at the expense of the high-cash-flow shops. Rather, all should be given a chance to show their potential, over a given time frame. Some products are “recession-proof”; others go up and go down. With an intelligent array of winning brands, MRA is set to ride out the ups and downs. It is the “critical mass” which counts!