Radio Syndication & Production

Media Network was created on April 5, 2000 to answer the arising need of clients to advertise in radio across Indonesia. It is part of MRA Broadcast Media Division, which have a large media corporation. Some of the companies in the group include Hard Rock FM Group, Trax FM Group, I-Radio Network and Cosmopolitan FM.

If you frequently ask questions such are: “have the brand being communicated efficiently and effectively” should the answers to the above questions are yes, then Media Network is here to help. We have a complete solution from the making of strategic, production, all the way to the evaluation. Media Network helps you to make sure the message of your product can be understand by your costumers.

Media Network expertise include strategic of radio promotion, creative concept that in line with clients need, production (spot, talk show, insert, and much more), the perfect radio selection, program supervision and evaluation and placement.
Sarinah Building 11th Floor
Jl MH Thamrin Kav.11 Jakarta. 10350 Indonesia
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