Q Research Indonesia is a media, market research and consultant company with long-established background in lifestyle and entertainment industry. QRI will assist your company to reveal the insights behind the data and achieve the objectives and increase your profits.

We have extensive experiences in market research, media, lifestyle, entertainment industries with various approaches and that is why we are committed to be one of professional market research and Consultant Company.

In Q Research Indonesia, we valued the accurate and unique approaches to serve you high quality results. We go beyond the data that are stated and said, we reveal the human truth behind the insights through our unique and relevant approaches, that's why we called ourselves "Q".

Q Research Indonesia is managed by young and highly professional people who understand and have extensive experiences in research, marketing, lifestyle and media industry. We committed to provide complete and comprehensive research and consultancy services that covers the problem understanding, determining research design, coordinating the fieldwork, data processing until analysis and business recommendation.

1.Marketing Research : -Qualitative -Quantitative
2.CRA & Digital Research
3.Radio Monitoring Data (Radio Expenditure)
4.Marketing Intelligence (Competitor activities monitoring)
5.Media Radio Specialist (Propriety Study, R&D System and Radio Development)

Contact Us :

PT Abadi Nusa Selaras
Sarinah Building 14th Floor
Jl.MH.Thamrin No.11
Jakarta Pusat 10350
Ph. +62 21 390 3554
Fax. +62 21 390 3574