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Mother & Baby is a pregnancy and parenthood magazine that cares about women and children's health holistically. Having been published for more than 52 years in the United Kingdom, in 2006, it is time for Indonesia's turn to publish its own Mother & Baby magazine.

Mother & Baby Indonesia targets women aged between 20-40 years old who are expected mothers to mothers of under fives, middle-upper class of social and economy status, active women who are engaged in respectable communities and activities, and women who thrive for information regarding health, trend, and family issues, to make educated parenthood decisions.

With the tagline: "The leading pregnancy, baby, and children magazine", Mother & Baby Indonesia is rich with information for new mothers in a trendy editorial style that fun to read. Beside of those strengths, Mother & Baby Indonesia also have communities for mothers such as Breastfeeding Club, Mother & Baby Community, and Mailing-list Group.

In those communities, mother can meet another mothers and also some experts like pediatricians or child psychologist to ask, share, and discuss about their problems or everything related to their life as a mother. Overall, Mother & Baby Indonesia is a complete pack filled every mothers and expecting mothers needs.

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